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If you are injured on the job, our workers’ compensation experts at Marsh Law can help you get the medical benefits and lost wages you deserve.

Our workers’ compensation lawyers know the law and your rights. We will help you navigate the system, prepare your claim and present your case.

At Marsh Law, we understand that workers’ compensation in Pennsylvania has its own court system with its own set of rules. For example, the system provides benefits regardless of who is to blame and regardless of the prior physical condition of the employee. That is why it is important to contact our workers’ compensation attorneys if you feel you are not receiving appropriate benefits or if:

  • Your claim has been denied
  • The insurance company stops your benefits
  • The insurance company requests an independent medical examination
  • The insurance company recommends you return to work before you are ready

If you are injured at work

  • Report your injury and file an incident report within 120 days
  • Get medical treatment and document everything
  • Check with the PA Department of Labor and Industry to see what your weekly benefit should be
  • Review your pay checks to make sure you are receiving the lost wages you deserve
  • DO NOT quit your job, sign anything, give the insurance company statements, disclose any pre-existing conditions, allow the company to handle your case “outside” insurance or try to represent yourself at a hearing

Workers’ Compensation–$1.25 Million

  • A 45-year-old married woman with work-related traumatic brain injury resulting in permanent paralysis below the waist.
  • Extraordinary recovery believed to be one of the highest workers’ compensation settlements in Pennsylvania that year

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Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

Thomas Myers, Attorney at Marsh Law Law Firm

Thomas V. Myers

experience: 36+ years
Edwin Smith, Attorney at Marsh Law Firm

Edwin W. Smith

experience: 37+ years

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