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If your unemployment claim has been denied, the unemployment compensation law experts at Marsh Law in Erie, Pa., can file your appeal and represent you.

On your behalf, our unemployment compensation lawyers sort through the evidence and present the strongest case. Working with Marsh Law can be especially helpful if you have both an unemployment claim and grounds to file a lawsuit against your employer.

Our unemployment compensation law experts at Marsh Law have the experience and resources to manage all phases of your claim, including:

  • Analyzing potential claims before termination
  • Crafting employment separations to avoid claims
  • Preparing for evidentiary hearings
  • Preparing for appellate proceedings
  • Preparing timely administrative responses
  • Preparing for employment litigation in district courts

About PA unemployment compensation

If you have lost your job and meet certain legal requirements, you may be entitled to weekly monetary payments under the Unemployment Compensation Law of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

  • You must promptly file a claim at the Office of Employment Security
  •  As part of the claim process, you will be interviewed and asked questions regarding prior wages, the reasons you are presently unemployed and whether you are available and searching for work
  • Benefits vary, depending on your prior earnings

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Unemployment Compensation Law Attorneys

Edwin Smith, Attorney at Marsh Law Firm

Edwin W. Smith

experience: 37+ years

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