Unemployment Compensation Law

Unemployment Compensation Lawyers Erie, PA 

If you were employed, but now have lost your job, and you meet certain legal requirements, you may be entitled to weekly monetary payments under the Unemployment Compensation Law of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. These benefits vary, depending on your prior earnings. If you think you might be eligible for Unemployment Compensation Benefits, you must promptly file a claim at the Office of Employment Security. As part of that claim process, you will be interviewed and asked questions regarding prior wages, the facts and reasons why you are presently unemployed, and whether you are now available and willing to work.

If you’ve filed a claim and it has been denied, you should consider hiring an unemployment attorney from Marsh Schaaf Law to file your appeal and represent you. We can sort through all of the evidence and present the strongest case on your behalf. In addition, working with us can be essential if you have both an unemployment claim and grounds to file a lawsuit against your employer. From this initial determination, either the claimant or the employer may file an appeal and request a hearing before an Unemployment Compensation referee. Our employment lawyers have the experience and resources to assist management in all phases of unemployment compensation claims, including:

  • Analysis of potential claims before the implementation of termination decisions

  • Crafting employment separations to avoid claims or to provide effective defenses to claims

  • Anticipating and preparing for related employment litigation in district courts

  • Preparing timely administrative responses

  • Preparing for evidentiary hearings

  • Preparing for appellate proceedings

Every state makes unemployment benefits available to employees who lose their jobs through no fault of their own. However, you have to apply for benefits, meet the eligibility requirements, and search diligently for a new job in order to qualify. Contact us today to speak with an expert in unemployment compensation law.