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If you are facing issues with spousal or child support, count on the experienced attorneys at Marsh Law Law in Erie, Pa.

In the interim between filing and finalizing divorce, Marsh Law helps you obtain the temporary spousal support you need. In turn, we also get you the child support you need, ensuring this financial support meets state guidelines.

At Marsh Law, our spousal and child support experts help:

  • Establish paternity, if needed
  • Submit an application for child support
  • Complete income and expense statements
  • Submit petitions for modification of support orders
  • Request employment, income, and insurance information

Child Support in PA

Parents in Pennsylvania are obligated to provide for the support of their children, regardless of the parent’s involvement, or lack thereof, in the child’s life. Child support is calculated according to a formula designated by Pennsylvania law. In Erie County, child support proceedings are initiated by one parent filing a child support petition at the Domestic Relations Office. From there, a support intake conference is scheduled, where both parents’ incomes are provided, and a child support calculation is made. If either party disagrees with the calculation of the support office, then that party can request a hearing in front of a judge. If circumstances change after a custody order has been established, either party can file for a modification of the child support obligation.

Every child deserves to be financially supported by both parents. Our child support attorneys work hard to ensure that the income of the parties is calculated accurately, and all circumstances are considered so that the child support order truly reflects each parent’s ability to support the child.

Our child support attorneys know that the courts consider several factors are considered when calculating child support. We help you obtain determinations that are beneficial to you and your children, including:

  • Filing for child support
  • Child support appeals
  • Modifying child support
  • High-income child support cases

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Spousal and Child Support Attorneys

Steven E. George, Attorney at Marsh Law Firm

Steven E. George

experience: 10+ years
Atchely Holmes, Attorney at Marsh Law Firm

Atchley Holmes

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Rachel A. George

experience: 10+ years

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If you are facing issues with spousal or child support, count on the respected attorneys at Marsh Law.