Family Law

Best Family & Custody Lawyers in Erie, Pa.

Laws affecting the family are constantly changing. Over the past several years, the Pennsylvania legislature and courts have established child support guidelines, provided for new forms of custody and modifying the factors courts use in classifying property as marital or separate upon divorce. Recent developments in family law affect the division of pensions, the tax consequences of divorce, collection of child support across state lines, and custody disputes between residents of different states.

It is not enough for a custody lawyer in Erie, Pa. to only have knowledge of the laws relating to support and custody. Effective representation may require knowledge in tax and commercial law, as well as laws affecting retirement and military benefits. The Marsh Law Firm provides clients with this necessary broad base of knowledge.

The Marsh Law Firm represents clients who wish to protect business interests and other personal assets. In a divorce case, the Marsh Law Firm negotiates immediate financial needs, and if a settlement is possible, negotiates property settlement agreements with long-term enforceability. If litigation becomes necessary, the Marsh Law Firm has extensive experience in contested proceedings in the courts.