Elder Law Medicaid Planning Attorney in Erie, PA

Elder Law/Medicaid Planning Attorneys Erie, PA

As Pennsylvania and other states deal with an aging population, the need for family planning with regards to issues affecting the elderly and their family members is an essential and vital aspect of our society. The lawyers in the Marsh Firm’s Elder Law and Medicaid Planning Department are here to assist clients in recognizing and planning for the issues involved in Elder Law and Medicaid Planning. Our attorneys have considerable skills and expertise in these areas and can assist clients in achieving the goals included in asset protection, Medicaid eligibility, and ensuring the quality of life.

The Marsh Firm is committed to helping the elderly, the disabled and their families resolve their unique legal problems and concerns. We can assist you with a variety of issues, including the following:

  • Medicaid and long-term care planning: protecting the family and assets
  • Estate planning including will, trusts, and powers of attorney
  • Guardianships and conservatorships for incapacitated persons
  • Medicaid and End-of-Life decision making
  • Applying for Medicaid benefits
  • Estate Administration
  • Estate Tax Planning

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Marsh Schaaf Law, Providing Options to Plan & Protect the Family for the Long-Term

Planning ahead is best when it comes to protecting your assets. At Marsh Schaaf, we work with seniors and their families to help them prepare for the future and for those in crisis. We can relieve the stress you and your loved are feeling, with legal options available to protect a significant portion of their life savings.  We can help with a smooth transition from private pay to Medicaid eligibility and can potentially protect a substantial part of their life savings in the process. We provide specialized asset protection services for our clients, which include:

  • Asset Protection Plans -- designed to minimize the amount of their life savings at risk of being spent down on long-term nursing care

  • Preparement of Wills, Powers of Attorney, Deeds, Trusts, or any other documentation necessary for your specific asset protection plan

  • Medicare Planning -- Prepare and fill a Medicaid application (along with a voluminous amount of required documentation), and act as your advocate with the Medicaid office.

Medicaid Planning in PA & End-of-Life Decision Making

Pennsylvania’s legislature has provided many government programs to assist citizens with escalating medical and long-term care expenses. If you or a loved one requires skilled nursing care at home or in a long-term care facility, your savings, and financial resources may be consumed very quickly on the cost of care alone.

For seniors who are financially eligible, the “PDA Waiver” program provides care in the home paid for by Medicaid. While the Medicaid PDA Waiver program does not provide 24-hour care, it can be of great assistance for seniors who are partially independent or who have family or friends who can help as caregivers.

Marsh Schaaf Law assists seniors and their family to restructure assets, property, income, and belongings of the person requiring long-term care assistance -- all in an effort for those items to no longer affect eligibility for benefits. When planning for long-term nursing care, time works against you. It is important that families who have a spouse, parent, or other loved one needing long-term nursing care contact Marsh Schaaf Law for advice as soon as possible.

Estate Tax Planning | Estate Administration

Marsh Schaaf takes the time to listen to our clients’ wishes and preferences, and then work with them to create a personalized estate plan appropriate to their age, financial status, and family circumstances. This process may include advice about minimizing taxes, protecting assets, or helping clients provide for a special needs child. No matter how simple or involved their circumstances, our goal is to help clients achieve their estate planning goals as well as a better quality of life for themselves and their loved ones down the road.

When a loved one dies, often the last thing on the family’s mind is the administrative work of managing the decedent’s estate. The lawyers at Marsh Schaaf Law Offices works with families to help probate or non-probate assets (or sometimes both depending on the situation). We can guide you through this legal maze and give valuable advice on the minimization of Pennsylvania Inheritance Taxes and income taxes. Let us help you prepare your estate and on the proper distribution of assets that makes sense for you and your entire family. Speak with an expert in elder law & Medicaid planning today!