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Marsh Law in Erie, Pa., offers extensive experience in divorce law, striving to provide compassionate, equitable counsel and achieve resolution.

Our skilled divorce lawyers understand that divorce is almost always a challenging and uncomfortable situation. The legal aspects of a divorce are equally difficult and complicated. That is why Marsh Law works tirelessly on your behalf to navigate:

  • Asset and debt division
  • Spousal support/Alimony
  • Final settlements

At Marsh Law we know there are times when litigation is the best way forward in divorce cases. That noted, we also consider legal options which may be easier and just as effective, such as collaborative law or mediation.

Common questions about divorce

Should I file for a fault or no-fault divorce?

Almost every divorce in Pennsylvania proceeds as a “no-fault” divorce.  Practically, there is rarely any benefit to a spouse attempting to obtain a “fault” divorce – as marital fault does not result in the innocent spouse having superior rights to marital property.

How long will it take for the divorce to be finalized?

Filing for divorce can take anywhere from three months to years depending on the issues involved and the willingness of the parties to reach a resolution.

How much will it cost to get divorced?

Fees in a divorce depend on how much time your lawyer spends on the case. The amount of time spent on the case depends on the number and type of assets and debts involved. Keep in mind, some assets are not easily valued, such as small businesses, and can require additional time and the help of other experts. The amount of time spent on a case is also influenced by the level of animosity between the parties. Typically, the more the parties, through their attorneys, can work together amicably, the faster the divorce matters are able to be resolved.

Is collaboration, mediation, or litigation the better option?

You have choices when it comes to how you would like your divorce to be handled. Our attorneys can advise you on the pros and cons of these options.  How you choose to handle your divorce and related financial and custody matters can have long-term impact on your relationships.

How are assets split?

Unlike many other states, Pennsylvania does not require the equal distribution of property. Instead, Pennsylvania requires equitable distribution of marital property law, which is based on statutory factors that consider what split is equitable under the circumstances of each case. For this reason, it is important to talk to an experienced attorney when dealing with divorce in Pennsylvania.

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Divorce Law Attorneys

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Rachel A. George

experience: 10+ years
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Steven E. George

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Marsh Law offers extensive experience in divorce law, striving to provide compassionate, equitable counsel and achieve resolution.

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