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Whether you are considering a third-party adoption, kinship adoption or step-parent adoption, our adoption attorneys at Marsh Law in Erie, PA, can help.

While the finalization of an adoption is an exciting and joyous occasion, the road to a final adoption hearing can be long and frustrating. Adoptions are difficult and complicated legal proceedings. A variety of legal and administrative obstacles must be cleared prior to an adoption taking place. Adoptions can be complicated by: the absence of a parent, the non-consent of a parent, the presence of child welfare agencies, the background of the adopting parents, and other issues.

It is vital that families seeking to adopt use an attorney experienced in Pennsylvania adoption law, as the Pennsylvania Adoption Act requires specific procedures to be followed and documents to be filed. Marsh Law provides experienced and knowledgeable legal representation for families seeking to adopt a child.

About adoption in Pennsylvania

The primary types of adoption in Pennsylvania include:

  • Third-party adoptions (unrelated persons)
  • Kinship adoptions (family or related persons)
  • Step-parent adoptions

By law in Pennsylvania, any individual can become an adopting parent. This means that a single person, a married couple, or an unmarried couple – including heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered couples – can adopt.

 It is important to note that:

  • There are legal protections for the child’s biological parents that are established under Pennsylvania family laws.
  • In unmarried same-sex couple situations, one partner may be the biological parent of the minor child who is conceived through surrogacy, sperm donation, or other assisted reproduction. As a result, the other partner has no biological relationship and no automatic legal relationship to the child.
  • In same-sex couple situations, an adoption case must be initiated to become the legal parent of a minor child under Pennsylvania adoption laws. This assumes the relationship remains intact at the time of the case. Otherwise, a custody case must be initiated under if the relationship dissolves prior to the completion of the adoption.

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Whether you are considering a third-party adoption, kinship adoption or step-parent adoption, our adoption attorneys at Marsh Law can help.

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